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Date Location Event Title
Annual Stakeholder Meeting
31 Oct 2019 Brussels, Belgium approved by DG Grow & EASME
EU Research Focus: Large Event
5 Feb 2019 Brussels, Belgium EU Industry Days 2019
27 Mar 2019 Brussels, Belgium International IPR Stakeholders’ Meeting
27 Mar 2019 Frankfurt am Main, Germany German Platform NanoBioMedicine Annual Meeting 2019: Smart clinical application strategies and available services to drive your ideas
28 Mar 2019 Brussels, Belgium EU      Blockchain     Observatory Workshop    –    Convergence    of Blockchain, AI & IoT
2 Apr 2019 Brussels, Belgium European Innovation Council Pathfinder & the Future & Emerging Technologies Info Day
9 Apr 2019 Brussels, Belgium Digital Day 2019
17-19 Jun 2019 Münster, Germany KOWI Annual Conference on EU Research & Innovation Funding 2019
17-19 Jun 2019 Braga, Portugal Nanomed Europe 2019
28-29 Jun 2019 Geneva, Switzerland Second IP Researchers Europe Conference
EU Research Focus: Small Event
25-27 Mar 2019 Oslo, Norway 2nd Workshop on Future Opportunities within Energy, Climate and Environment – Focus on Excellence and Impact in International Cooperation in Horizon 2020
Business Focus: Large Event
15 Mar 2019 Saarbrücken, Germany Saarland Founders’ Day 2019
26 Apr 2019 Turin, Italy IP, Sports & Commerce
2-3 May 2019 Barcelona, Spain EU Start-ups Summit
9 May 2019 Berlin, Germany Innovation Day for SMEs
22 May 2019 Dublin, Ireland ASTP Proton Conference
Jul 2019 Brussels, Belgium Digital Innovation Hub Assembly
Business Focus: Small Event
2 Apr 2019 Brussels, Belgium Spanish Office for Science & Technology
16 May 2019 Berlin, Germany EUOpen4Business Info Day
21 May 2019 Vienna, Austria EUOpen4Business Info Day
18 May 2019 Lübeck, Germany EUOpen4Business Info Day
Sept/Oct 2019 Düsseldorf, Germany EUOpen4Business Info Day
Oct 2019 Stuttgart, Germany EUOpen4Business Info Day
Nov 2019 Dublin, Ireland EPO/ LES Conference: Trends and Opportunities    in     Patenting     and Licensing for SMEs